About us

Hi there! :)

Welcome to our korean food blog "kourmet.net"
(As you can see in main title, kourmet is a compound word of "korean" and "Gourmet")

Have you ever read some recipes or informations about korean foods before?

When I found some books for korean recipes,
I thought "Of course bulgogi, galbi and bibimbab are famous korean foods, but actually korean people don't have these foods everyday, they're little different from ordinary and daily korean foods"

"To introduce ordinary and real korean foods"

With congenial friends I planned to put the idea into practice in last summer(Aug.2010).
Since last year, we have cooked ,taken pictures, written easy recipes and posted articles.

Until now, we have no problem, but because of living in korea, actually we don't know precisely whether purchasable ingredients or not that we use.
So we hope that you leave us a comment and request If you want to know some recipes or information, mail to us.

It would encourage us and be a great boost for our morale :)

We are korean students who major in cooking and culinary service at kyonggi university, in suwon, korea.
We are not professional chef or specialist in each fields even not all of us are majoring korean foods.

If some people ask us "so, why?"

We would answer "Have no reason, just we are korean people!"

Feel free to ask questions by leaving ourteam a comment or contact to us

Enjoy korean foods!


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