Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ssam, with Sam gyeop sal(Belly Bacon)

Hi! Nice to meet you on post!
I'm Minsun Kim. :)

Today, I had a dinner with my family and ate Sam gyeop sal(Belly Bacon, pork)!

I think you had heard this name Sam gyeop sal if you have a chance to live or visit Korea at once. It is most famous and generaly ingredient to korean.

Korean usually eat roasted Sam gyeop sal cuted thin or thick thickness on person's preference. And then, they eat Sam gyeop sal with a vegetable and soy bean, garlic, red peppers. We refers that is a Ssam.

Didn't you embarrased when waiter serves some vegetables when you just ordered meat? Or do you have a question about how eat them and why korean wrap up with vegetables when they eat a meat.

Don't curious that anymore! I'll answer to you! :)

There are two important reasons that koreans wrap up with meat and vegetables.

First reason is nutrition aspect to antagonizing of meat's poison. The meat what you ate makes peroxide oxidation in your digestive, and it convert to malondialdehyde (MDA), Malignant Hazardous Substances, in stomach. And MDA be absorbed and it causes Arteriosclerosis, Heart disease, and a lot of diseases. But Polyphenol, a component of lettuce and vegetables, will disturb the absorption of harmful substances by combining with the MDA.

Second, It makes better digestion when you eat a meat. For example, I'll say a lettuce which is the most generaly vegetable to wrapping up with meat. Lactucarium, component of the lettuce, promotes the secretion of gastric juice so it makes great digestion.

In this sense, Koreans wrap up with vegetables when they eat a meat.

Was this solution of questions? to added my opinion, Korea has been doing farming so it would have been universal maybe. And also, in my opinion, people use a vegetables when they eat a meat with a rice to eating conveniently and deliciously.

Okay! Let's learn about how eat!

First, you can see the delicious roasted Sam gyeop sal! :-)

And also, you can see a lettuce or other vegetables likes sesame, cabbage.

Is the important food is rice, right?

Okay! the main ingredients are all ready.
You just wrap up with these ingredients using lettuce or other vegetables!

And add some garlic, red ppepers and soy bean depends on your preference. :)

Wow! Isn't it looks like delicious?

If you finished, you just wrap up with this as shown below.

Finally, Put this in your mouth and eat! :D

Except Ssam can not talk about Korea's food culture.
I hope that you can enjoy this method, Ssam when you eat a meat! :) It can help you making more healthy.

Have a good time, and see you later!


Korea in the grocery store to buy it, what should you do? You just say "Samgyeopsal, please!"

or if you are in other country except Korea, you say "Belly Bacon, please!" :may have diffrent names.

You can see likes this.

This is Samgyeopsal. =)
fresh meat is more expensive than freezing.

How to cook?

Just roast on the well-heated pan.

And at that time the meat is roasted, evert meat only one time in order to preserve the juices.

And then, just cut the meat and eat! =D
I hope you have a good dinner after watching this post! and I wish this post helps you understanding why korean enjoy Ssam! See ya!

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