Friday, August 19, 2011

Gol-baengi muchim(골뱅이무침) Spicy whelk salad with fresh veg.

Gol-baengi muchim(골뱅이무침)
Spicy whelk salad with fresh veg.

LP PAUWELS!  thatnk you for comment about this dish! :)


‧Canned whelk 1
‧sliced cabbage
‧onion 1/2
‧cucumber 1/2
‧carrot 1/4

'Gol-baengi muchim' sauce
Gochujang (Red hot pepper paste) 2TS
‧Red pepper flake 3TS
vinegar 2~3TS
‧Soy sauce 1TS
‧Sugar 2TS
‧minced garlic 1/2 ts
‧sesame oil 1ts

Hey guys long time no see! I'm Gene
How have you been?
In korea, It's really hot and damp since the rainy days set in.
The rain kept up for almost two weeks.
Does it like this hottest and sticky summer remind cool beer?
Cool!! Just the thought of it. It's fantastic!!!
Today I will introduce fantastic side dish which is perfect to have with beer.
It is 골뱅이무침 will wash away the summer heat.
Main ingredient of this dish is whelk korean name is 골뱅이(whelk)
you can find canned whelk easilly In any super market for 7,000won
I'm sure that 골뱅이무침 drives you into heaven!
In fact. I took a cooking video however it has not work...:(
so..I had to introduce its cooking steps by text

 boil the whelk in hot water for 3 min and drain them
in a mixing bowl, put all seasoning ingredients and mix them!
I prepare enough sauce because I'm putting some noodles in this salad
next slice onion, cucumber, cabbage and carrot among them particularly soak the sliced onion into cool water to remove spicy taste.
If you have other vegs or fruit don't hesitate! Put in It's ok!
Last step is Boiling noodles.
Like that 골뱅이무침 in the picture.
noodle has good matching with 골뱅이무침
Boil them until water is bubbling well.
when the water boil, put some cool water into the pot and repeat it 2~3times
soak in ice water very quickly, and drain them.
put into a large bowl and mix them!
when you guys cook and serve with beer, you must be loved by your friends and family! The ends today's cooking 끝!
Have a nice summer night with 골뱅이무침! see u! :)