Sunday, June 26, 2011

Topokki - [I love Sindang-dong] in Seoul

Topokki - [I love Sindang-dong] in Seoul
address :  Sindang 1(il)-dong 302-4 , Jung-gu, Seoul
Translated by kourmet

I remember, I visited sindang-dong when I was in middle school.

after midterm, I went to sindang-dong to eat with my friends

I could not believe that the shop has been bumped up business

Among lots and lots of Topokki shops, we went to <>
 which was recommended by my sister.
The shop has parking service and big space where you can enjoy listenng music for time.
Even open 24 hours a day! It's owesome!

Because of Sunday night there is no unoccupied.
There were so many groups
It you want to groups Reservations required!! unless you guys might be scattered.

We had seat after 20 min wating.

Because we already checked the menu in advance we order Topokki rapidly

Sindang-dong Topokki, Dak-bal, Eomuk(Fish-cake), Kimbab and so on My family ordered everything.

Everything  is good!
Exept for Dak-bal. I was a little disappointed. It's all bones and no meat;;

Actually my father really had hated junkfoods, street foods things like that... but after became an elderly gentleman he said street foods could be a good memory so I had took my parents to eat Topokki.

It looked so cute how my father blew the Topokki and ate it. >_<

Dip a piece of Kimbap in Topokki sauce and eat it. You might be drawn into the illusory world.

After eating, we should have eaten soft icecream, however, my parents were higgledy-piggledy .
So we went to Red-Mango catty-corner from the restaurant to get rid of the hot taste .♡.


아이러브 신당동
I Love Sindang-dong

Tel ) 02-2232-7872

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