Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Topokki, TteokBokKi (떡볶이)

Topokki, TteokBokKi (떡볶이)

Kourmet's First Cooking Video :)


‧rice cake 14oz
‧thinly sliced fish cake 2oz
‧onion 1/2
‧green onion 1/4

'Topokki' sauce
Gochujang (Red hot pepper paste) 4TS
‧Red pepper flake 1TS
‧white wine 1TS
‧Soy sauce 1ts
‧Sugar 1TS
‧minced garlic 1/2 ts
‧Broth(or water) 2Cup

we chose 떡볶이 once again as a come back posting.

Because so many people who want to know it's cooking steps in more detail have asked for us.

Long time no see! :)
(Two months has passed since our last posting)

In the meantime, our member Hye-sung went to the navy for military service
instead, Min-sun be our new-face.

Not only that,
We decided  to provide recipes and cooking information with video like at the top.
and provide specialized informations for foreigners who lives in korea by providing some information
about famous restaurant in korea.
Because we had thought providing just picture or text for cooking was not enough.
(That is the reason why we had taken so much times till new posting)

By the way...
Sorry my pronunciation is a little off. kkkk

But we wll keep trying and trying. :)
See u!!