Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sam gye tang 삼계탕

Sam gye tang 삼계탕

Chicken (1.1~1.2 lb)
‧samgyetang herbs pack 1/2
   < basic herbs >
    - ginseng 1 root
    - jujube 1 root
    - ginkgo nuts
    - milk vetch root
‧glutinous rice 1/2cup
‧5cloves garlic
‧green onion 1/3
‧fine salt 1ts
‧black pepper powder

Long time no talk How have you been?
Today I will show you how to make this invigorating food 'Samgyetang'.
Have you ever had 'Samgyetang' before? In layman's terms, It is korean style chicken soup.
In korea, To ward off summer heat and stay healthy, many korean people eat invigorating food "Samgyetang" to boost up energy.
especially It's unimaginable without Samgyetang during the dog days "Bok-nal".
However why koreans eat hot stew "Samgyetang" in summer?
In terms of oriental medicine, chicken is a cold food and other ingredients that are cooked with chicken such as ginseng, ginkgo nuts and so on...give us energy!
If you are in korea, you can find Samgyetang herbs package (generally 2 portions) easily in lacal supermarket (Lotte mart, E-mart...etc..)
For your reference, My total purchase price(chicken and onthers) was 8000~9000won(7~8 dollars)

(I don't assured that whether It is available in other country's korean market)
If you can't find this package, choose only buyable ingredients :)

I'll explain it to you step by step
follow me!

refer to this page for cooking samgyetang.


1. Cut off tail section.rinse chicken cleanly.
2. Soak glutinous rice in water at least 30min.
3. Stuff with the rice and the samgyetang herbs.

4. make a cut in the chicken's one side thigh.
5. put the other leg in the cut.
※ If you have a piece of string, cross the legs and tie them

6. Simmer for about at least 40 minutes on high heat.

Chicken must be sunk perfectly! unless you use deep pot, It would be half-cooked.
very important!
← use deep and big pot than this pot.
Tip. electric rice cooker can be substituted as an cooker.

7. when the chicken is cooked well,
mix fine salt and black pepper powder(samgyetang dip) and serve with Samgyetang.