Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fried seasoned zucchini / Hobak bokkeum "호박볶음"

Fried seasoned zucchini / Hobak bokkeum "호박볶음"


‧zucchini 1/2
‧saeujeot 2/3TS
    (or salt 1/2TS)
‧minced garlic 1ts
‧oil 1/2TS
‧a few drops of sesame oil

Say hey! thesedays We kourmet members've been busy because of the start of new semester.
Today! I'll show you real simple but wonderful sidedish(banchan) "Hobak bokkeum" 호박볶음
a few days ago, Beata who left a comment asked us " Could you be so kind and post a recipe for bibimbap?"
I thought "sure! of course! but you already know how to cook "bibimbap"
how do you mean? maybe you are wondered.

Actually "bibimbap" is not hard to make, just you should take a long time.
so we've introduced some vegetable sidedishes for bibimbap.

julienne style for Bibimbap 
Usually in korea, put 4~5 vegetable dishes for bibimbap and add fried egg, red pepper paste(고추장gochujang), few drops of sesame oil.
just choose vegetable sidedishes what you want and cook them!
soon we're ,of course, planning to introduce bibimbap easily and perfectly.

By the way, Have you ever used this ingredient "sae-u jeot" before?
"sae-u jeot"
Sometimes When I make kimchi, Gye-ran jjim(계란찜) and so on.. use "saeujeot".
Oh! right. It's served with pork dish like bossam. ("saeujeot" enhances the effect of enzyme in breaking down fat and protein!)
You can find "sae-u jeot" easily in lacal supermarket (Lotte mart, E-mart...etc..)
normal price is 1000~2000won (about 1~2dollar)
Today I recommend you use "sae-u jeot" rather than salt, If possible

cooking will be started!


 1. According to your preference, cut zucchini into half moon or fine julienne.

2. chop the sae-u jeot.

 3. Mix the cut zucchini with saeujeot to remove moisture.

4. after 10min, drain the zucchini and put into pan with oil, garlic and sesame oil


5. stir for 2min with medium heat.

when them cooked up to 80%, turn off the heat and stir them continuously without heat(for richer color)