Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tteokguk / Sliced Rice cake Soup and....Mandu / Dumplings!

Happy new year!!!!! 2011

Every Jan 1st most of Korean eat Tteokguk.
It is said that you'll be one year older when you eat Tteokguk.
So, there are some kids who eat a lot of Tteokguk on Jan 1st.(I did, too)


‧Sliced Rice cake 10oz
‧Minced garlic 1ts
‧green onion 1TS
‧sesame oil few drops
‧soy sauce 1ts
‧salt 1ts

‧Brisket of beef  4oz
‧a piece of kelp
‧Green onion 1/3
‧water 500ml

Sliced Tteok

This is stock.
there are sea tangle(kelp), anchovy, shiitake, mountain chain,
green onion. but you need to remove anchovy, shiitake 5~10min later
because anchovy make stock bitter if you boil too much.
and..... shiitake make soup brown.

you need to put tteokgukddeok into the water.(about 5~10min)
It makes tteokgukddeok more softly.

put soy sauce, garlics, tteokgukddeok into the stock and boil
until ddeok will be chewy. (if you like mandu, try to put in! it is nice!)

Ta-da!! finished.

This is Mandu.
there are several food like Mandu.
Dimsum in China(Origin of mandu)
Ravioli in Italy
there is dumpling in Japan, too.
Actually origin of mandu is chinese dumpling.
There was genius guy in China about in AD 200.
His name is Jegalryang in korean(I don't know his Enlish name.)
After war, he tried to return his country but too windy on river.
There was traditional that people put the 49 head into the river to make river
calm. but Jegalryang didn't want to kill 49 people to make river calm.
So he made 'fake head'. These 'fake head' are origin of dumpling.

First step. chop minced pork, onion, kimchi, leek, tofu, starch vermicelli(you have to put this into water (10~15min) before chop), mungbean sprout.


‧Minced pork  10oz

‧1/2 pack of Tofu
‧starch vermicelli 2oz
‧mungbean sprout 2~3oz

‧leek 2~3oz

‧chopped onion 2oz
‧kimchi 2oz
‧Soy sauce 1TS
‧black pepper powder 1/2ts
‧minced garlic 1ts

IF you want to make Dumpling Skin by yoursalf‧medium flour 3cup

‧Boiled water 1cup(added pinch of salt) 
※ knead dough until elastic, about 5~8min :)
You can buy Dumpling Skin at your lacal asian store easily(chinese, korean, japanese...)

Removal moisture in ingredients(in Tofu, kimchi, starch and so on...) is Most important thing in all steps.

Let's mix them!!!!!

How to make Mandu!

First, make dumpling skin like circle shape. like this.

2nd, put mixed stuff on the dumpling skin.

3rd, Close the door!!!!!

 There are many shape of Mandu.
If you finish making Mandu,
you need to spray flour on them to avoid sticking each other.

Steam them about 10min.

you can cook many thing with Mandu.
you can fry it, or boil it. try to do it! 
In my case, steamed Mandu is the best.  and eat with soy sauce.