Monday, January 10, 2011

Sogogi-Mu-guk / beef and daikon soup (소고기무국)

Hello! Today, We're gonna make Sogogi-Mu-Guk.

It's very famous in Korea,
but sadly many foreigner don't know this delicious soup.
It's simple like Jangjorim.


 cut daikon with like Paysanne.
 not too much slice it. if you do it, this soup will be really daikon soup.


cut the beef brisket large dice.
Beef brisket is good at soup because it is chewy when you roast it.


Fry beef with sesame oil and put the daikon into the pot.  If your pot isn't non-stick, fry beef on the non-stick pan and move beef into pot after frying. then, deglaze your pan with water and pour that water into the pot, too.


pour water, refined rice wine and soy sauce into the pot. And put minced garlic, green onion, salt, ground blakc pepper and sea tangle into the water. and then, boil it.
You need to remove impurities on the water to clear the soup.

Most of korean soup,  you can store it in the refrigerator and boil it for each meal.

So... It's nice when you tired. Just boil the stored soup for meal.

I did it, and do it. Every day!