Monday, January 24, 2011

Seasoned garlic stem / maneul-jjong bokkeum (마늘쫑볶음)

seasoned garlic stem / maneul-jjong bokkeum (마늘쫑볶음)


8~10 pieces of Garlic stem  (0.4lb)
2 cloves garlic - sliced
‧Dried small shrimp 1/2cup 

‧olive oil 1.5TS
‧rice(or corn) sirup 1TS
‧Soy sauce 1/2TS
‧a few drops of sesame oil
‧a pinch of salt
‧a pinch of black pepper powder


1. wash and cut the garlic stems into 2inch.

2. Put some oil in the pan and stir sliced garlic on low heat.
3. when it become yellow, add the garlic stem and seasoning.

4. After 3min, put the dried shrimp and cook for 3min more. :)

Isn't it simple?