Monday, January 10, 2011

rice cake coated with mashed red-beans

rice cake coated with mashed red-beans

팥시루떡 pot-Siru tteok

korean people believe that Red color of red-bean drives evil sprit way from house and can protect family's health.

Traditionally, rice cake coated with mashed red-beans had been cooked for food in birthday, the ancestral rites ceremony and moving day.
these traditions continue to this day, the rice cake has been loved by korean people.

Ingredients are very simple(nonglutinous rice powder, salt, mashed red-beans)

But if you don't care during cooking steps, your tteok would be tasteless!

This is siru. ↓
Siru is traditional rice cake steammer.
Becauce my class is still at a beginning level, make cake by using only Siru.
At a intermediate level, I would learn how to handle another tools like Dimsum mold :)

lay one upon another

Steamming for 10min