Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute rice cake (ggot san byung) 꽃산병

Cute rice cake (ggot san byung) 꽃산병

What is mean Ggot san byung?

ggot - "Flower"
san byung - "tteok"
It means "flower-shaped tteok"
Traditionally these rice cakes are made for  party, banquet  as decorative what is more important its appearance rather than taste.

These are "Tteok-sal"
 "Tteok-sal" were used to shape unique design and patten like stamp
Each patten has its one meaning, such as wheel type is "Good health and long life", cross type is "drives evil sprit way from house and can protect family's health"

Aren't they beautiful and cute?

although I'm korean, I don't know there are so many kinds of "Tteok" in korea.
Even have never heard, eaten , seen...!!!

I'm so sorry that I can introduce these "Tteok" with picture only without experience(eating, watching)
However last week I heard fresh news!!
In my Institute, there is running a class for foreigners
so, you can experience when you are in seoul or planning to visit seoul :)

If you interest in this class(Tteok or korean foods), visit this site and get more information.

I hope it would be help~