Thursday, December 23, 2010

squash porridge / hobakjuk(호박죽)

Squash porridge / hobakjuk(호박죽)

‧Squash 1/2 1.2lb
‧Glutinous(sticky) rice flour 1cup
‧water 3cup
‧Salt 1ts




Korean people have porridge as a simple breakfast in busy daily life and korean Mom make this refreshment for Kids.

When comes winter,I was child, My grandmother made a great hobakjuk with pumpkin.
It was very sweet! especially, in the juk, There were tiny rice cakes that looks like a bird's egg was wonderful!

It are rich in beta-carotene , Vitamin C and It is also digestible food. So It is good for kids and elderly people as a nourishing food.

Today, I'll make this hobakjuk with Squash in memory of my grandmother's hobakjuk.


1.  Heat up a squash in the microwave for 1~2min for easy peeling.
2. Peel the squash and cut in to 2~3inth.
3. cook them on lowheat with 3cups of water.

※Stirring contantly

4. Cook untl the squashes are crashed.
5. With blender, Bled them until smooth.

6. Add glutinous(sticky) rice flour and stir well for 5min
 7. Add some salt.
     If you want it sweeter, add some honey.