Saturday, December 4, 2010

Army's birthday.

The member of KOURMET who is my senior and whose nickname is "Army" had a birthday party last week.

So, all kourmet member went to Korean pub.

Usually birthday party is not that big, but same as other countries.(cake, candle, funny hat...and so on)

there are some bithday food in korea.

my mom always make japchae, galbijjim(this is like a soy sauce marinade pork or beef. I will show you next time),

and miyeokguk(seaweed soup) on my birthday.

anyway...... we went to korean pub and ate some delicious food and alcohol

Bindaetteok(Mung Bean Pancake), honghaptang (Mussel soup),  Maggolli (turbid rice wine) ,
Golbaeng-e muchim(monoplex spicy salad)

this is bindaetteok(left). It's not a Rice cake(tteok) but Buchimgae.
Main source is Mung bean. usually I eat bindaetteok with that soy sauce(right) with onion.
really really tasty. salty and sweet.
this is traditional food and people make bindaetteok on memorial service.

this is maggolli. there are some precipitate at the bottom, so you need to stir it liket that

Maggolli cheers!!!!!!!

Mussel soup

this is monopleax salad. really really spicy! mix monopleax salad and noodle. then eat!!!

These foods are good friends of alcohol. they have good combination.
if there are korean pub near your home, try it!! really tasty.
Example, maggolli is very famous in Japan. my japanese friend who lives in Okinawa, really really like Maggolli more than beer.
especially, I recommand you to eat bindaetteok. My favorite of these foods.