Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seasoned potato / Gamja jorim(감자조림)

Seasoned potato / Gamja jorim(감자조림)


‧Potato 2/3 lb
‧Onion 1/2

‧soysauce 4TS
‧Syrub(or sugar) 2TS
‧water 1cup
‧sesame oil 1ts


Seasoned potato / Gamja jorim is one of the easy and tasty side-dishes in korea.
and of course, korean people often cook this.
simple, easy, tasty and so on...

As you know, potato is easy to find and inexpensive ingredient.
so if you have potatoes and soysauce, Have a try~!!!

Just take no more 5 minutes of your time~ ლ( ' ε ' ლ)


1. Make seasoning on a pot.

2. Cut potato into bite-sized pieces.
    and put into the pot.

3. Add onion after 3min

※Stirring contantly

4. cook them until soysauce reduces to about 3 tablespoons on low heat.