Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pan-fried tofu / Tofu jorim(두부조림)

Pan-fried tofu / Tofu jorim(두부조림)


‧Tofu 1pack
‧Salt 1ts 

‧Soysauce 1.5TS
‧minced green onion 1ts
‧minced garlic 1ts
                                                                                                                                       ‧sesame seed 1ts
                                                                                                         ‧sugar 1ts
                                                                                                         ‧Olive oil 2ts
                                                                                                         ‧water 1/2 cup 

Many Korean dishes based on Tofu, so It goes without saying korean peaple love Tofu.
Then, What tofu company is preferred to korean people?
In korea, Here are several  'Fresh food' companies like Pulmuone, Cj and so on.

Especially, Pulmuone is most trusted by korean as Organic Tofu manufacturer.
on inquiry, Pulmuone branch in US distributes Tofu and other production to
local korean ethnic stores.

By usage of cooking, 
Tofu can be divided into three types(firm, soft, silken)

Firm Tofu for Buchim. jorim

Soft Tofu for jjigae

Silken Tofu


1. Cut Firm Tofu into size 0.3~0.5inch height
2. sprinkle salt on Tofu to remove moisture of Tofu
3. 10min later, Rince them with clean water 

4. stir in hot oil until the Tofu's surface is golden

5. Boil soysauce seasoning and put stired Tofu

6. cook them until soysauce reduces to about 3   tablespoons on low heat.

7. pouring soysauce on tofu also be nice serving.