Monday, November 29, 2010

Mussels stew / Hong-hop Tang(홍합탕)

Mussels stew / Hong-hop Tang(홍합탕)

‧Mussels 1 lb
‧Garlic 1TS
‧White wine 2TS
‧Salt 1ts
‧Red, Green Pepper
‧Green onion
‧water 0.2 gal

Last November 23th, It was a sad day for korean people.
as a result of north korean attack. Something terrible had happened.
Tiny island was luined, young marines and civilians were sacrificed in the attack.

Yeonpyeong Island
What happened in last week, most Koreans are in chaos...we believe that there shouldn’t be a war in our lifetime. But who knows that the chance of the war is an undeniable fact.

To make matters worse, This winter cold felt unusually severe makes Koreans' hearts freeze more.

Today, I prepare special food, Mussels stew / Hong-hop Tang (홍합탕).
(In winter, korean people like to eat this stew)

Can It help to melt all of people's hearts?

1. Mussels must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed several times before cooking.
Need to be scrubbed any barnacles and remove sand or grit and their beard.

2. Put the mussels Into a large saucepan and pour wine and water.

3. After 3~5min put all vegtables into the pot.
   ※ Don't Crush the vegetables.
4. when all mussels have opened, season with some salt to taste.