Thursday, November 11, 2010

Korean steamed pork / Bossam(보쌈)

Korean steamed pork / Bossam(보쌈)


‧Pork belly 1pb

  pork seasoning

‧whole Black Pepper 1TS
‧Ginger 1TS
‧white wine 3TS
‧Soy bean paste 1TS
‧green onion 1/3
‧onion 1/2
‧Bay leaves

Do youn know that Koreans eat 4 meals a day!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and finally the midnight snack

You can make a delivery anytime anywhere in Korea due to the Korean 24hr service delivery restaurants.

Isn't that great? Then what kind of delivery food is popular?

Bossam is the menu that is introduced today and this dish is the most loved midnight snack

Not only loved as a midnight snack, but also enjoyed as a normal meal

Not only is it easy to make because of the simple ingredients, it's also low calorie because of steamed way of cooking

You should try to complete the dish with Kimchi or any kinds of vegetables. That's the key to perfect balance of nutrition!


1. put the pork belly with pork seasoning into a big pot and Boil them at least 30min on High heat.

2. When the pork are boiled soft enough, cut it into bite size.