Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jin's weekend with rice cake!

Have you guys ever tried or heard korean rice cake "Tteok(떡)"
There are 198 kinds of rice-cake in korea.

Making  "Tteok" dough

These days  I've learned korean traditional cooking every weekend.

Most Korean people like "Tteok" but there are nobody who makes "Tteok" oneselves.

Because we can find "Tteok" anywhere as  super market, snack-bar,  on easy!
So did I!!, Before entering this class.

But I realized that making "Tteok" is not only so easy but also so fun!
even safe!! Because of rarely using keen toos like knife and using only natural ingridients!!! 

Red : strawberry
Green : mugwort
yellow : gardenia

Use only your hands!

I think when toddlers and children make "Tteok" with their parents, It can affect children's brain development.