Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you know Naengmyeon?

Naengmyeon is one of Korean noodle foods.
There is famous two kind of Naengmyeon in Korea.

One is like a Ramen in Japan. But it is cold and more chewy.
The other is very hot!  SPICY!!!!!!!!!!!!

 An oriential painting of a beautiful Korean woman.

she is adorable, isn't she?


This is HamHeung Naengmyeon(the hot Bibim Naengmyeon).
The noodle taste is pretty good because it's not as tough as you think,
but still chewy.
It was hard to finish the whole thing
because it was too spicy, but my friend actually had two.

 This is steamed pork.
There is another type of Naengmyeon where there is pork stock
served together called "Mool Naengmyeon"
This is the meat that made the stocks.
The white thing is Korean pear.
Eaten with the pork together is a good combination.
The green thing is cucumber which is salty and little bit spicy.

The pork is eaten with a sesame oil sauce.
It gives it a more flavorful and salty taste.
Also makes the pork less dry.

The interior.
There were alot of elders indise the place.
Some of these elders come for the taste they experienced
in North Korea before the Korean War. 

I got the chance to eat it with the pork
because my friend was paying that day.
After finishing it, I was quite full.
Anyways, I hope I can try the Mool Naengmyeon next time I go.
HamHeung Naengmyeon is very spicy!

As my friend and I went shopping,
we decided to go to a place which was introduced
 in the Korean comic book "Shik-gaek",
the famous comic book introducing Korean food.
The restaurant name is "HamHeung Naengmyeon".

HamHeung Naengmyeon is the North Korean traditional food
where you put raw skate on top of the hot Naengmyeon.
It's quite spicy!