Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, It is topokki !

Topokki / Stir-Fried Rice Cake (떡볶이)


‧rice cake 14oz
‧thinly sliced fish cake 2oz
‧onion 1/2
‧green onion 1/4

'Topokki' sauce
‧Red hot pepper paste 4TS
‧Red pepper flake 1TS
‧white wine 1TS

‧Soy sauce 1ts
‧Sugar 1.5TS
‧minced garlic 1/2 ts
‧Broth(or water) 1.5Cup

Does it seem like the 'Food of the Devil'?
NO! It is not 'Dish of hell', It's topokki!!

Have you guys ever had or tried 'topokki' before?
Maybe some people would cry 'hot! hot!!! give me some water!' as they enjoy it.

As you can see, It so hot!

Topokki have been loved by most Korean of all ages in Korea. You can even find topokki in street vendors in many different places.

The cooking process is so easy.
The most important things are Rice cake and Red hot pepper paste.
It is free to choose other ingredints as like paprika, egg, cheese and so on...

If it is hard to fine 'fish cake' in your local store, leaving it out is ok!
Fish cake

If Topokki is too pungent, how about mild topokki? (soy sauce topokki)
Soy sauce topokki

Would you guys like to try the 'Hot taste of korea'?


1. Boil the tubes of rice cake for 5min.

2. Dissolve 'Topokki sause' in broth(or water)

3. Slice all vegetables into thin size and put all ingredients into topokki sauce that you made.
4. Stir them on low heat for 10min.

5. So easy!!! isn't it?

Here! Recommended Topokki restaurant in Seoul