Thursday, October 28, 2010

silken beancurd / yeon-tofu(연두부)

‧silken beancurd  1pack

‧soysauce 1TS
‧few drops of sesame oil
‧few drops of lemon juice

silken beancurd / yeon-tofu(연두부)
Not spicy beside digestible well. Even low calorie!!!!

Many korean restaurants serve it as a side dish(Banchan)
I love silken beancurd(yeon-tofu) so much! so often ask more supply it.

The gretest advantage of korean restaurant is "It comes with unlimited side-dish(Banchan)"
It is korean custom and culture! If you have doubts about this, visit your local korean restaurant
and shout!

"Banchan jom the juseyo" (meaming : Could I have some more Side-dish, Please?)