Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot soft tofu stew / soon-tofu jjigae(순두부찌개)

Soft tofu stew / soon-tofu jjigae(순두부찌개)


‧soft tofu 1pack
‧A handful of clam
‧pork belly 3oz
kimchi (fermented)
‧pepper(red, green) 1
‧egg 1
‧green onion 1/3
‧onion 1/3
‧Clam stock 2cup


‧red pepper powder 1/2TS
‧olive oil 1ts
‧minced garlic 1/2ts
‧few drops of sesame oil
‧soy sauce 1TS

In korea, suddenly, temperature fell below zero.(average  is 50℉)
Just a few days ago, I wore T-shirt only...but
It was too cold, I had to get my winter coat in my closet.
Not to freeze to death.

I feel like to come winter. In fac,t not far off  now.

When winter comes, I ofter recall some hot casserole like kimchi-jjigae , doenjang-jjigae, and what I wish to introduce today
 Soon-tofu jjigae
Actually, maybe most korean would think like me!
Like that,  Soon-tofu jjigae is one of the most popular and public foods to korean.

soft tofu (순두부)
Soft tofu(soon tofu) is a form of tofu.
when it is put into a square mold and pressured.
Tofu that you've seen before in package.

so, It is more soft and digest more easily. 
even, Low calorie!!!


1. Put soft tofu in the colander to drain
   ※unless remove water, It'd be bitter.

2. Make 2cups of clam stock and remove the clam  from the broth.

3. Chop the kimchi and pork and slice all vegetables.

4. Stir the kimchi and pork on low heat for 3min and add seasoning and soft-tofu first.

5. When it start boiling, put clam and sliced vegetables

6. Before serve it, add egg!!!