Sunday, October 3, 2010


This saturday I went to Yeouido to see HISEOULFESTIVAL.
This year, HISEOULFESTIVAL'subject is non-verbal.  Although there are a lot of performances they don't speak. Sadly, many performances are canceled because it was rain .

 In these container you can participate many performance

I participated this performance. It is called 'Son(hand)-mat(taste)'. On this performance you have to choose one of the Kimchi in front of you
and make sandwich with Kimchi you choose.
Important thing is you can't know what kimchi you choose.
So....I chose 'Kkakdugi(radish kimchi)'..
It was very hard to make sandwich..
Taste? So so.. but Kimchi sandwich makes me surprised
Near Han-river.

Night of Han-river

You can make small cup, accessory, hairpin for free in this containers

I didn't take picture but you can also see amazing fire work near the Han-river
These thing that I show now is just only one part of this festival.

---------HISEOULFESTIVAL ----------
2010. 10. 02 ~ 2010. 10. 10.
near Yeouido Han river park
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