Monday, October 11, 2010

Dak galbi / Hot fried chicken (닭갈비)

Dak galbi / Hot fried chicken (닭갈비)

Any of you guys tried Chuncheon Dak Galbi?

This week, we're gonna try to introduce Dak Galbi. (Dak is Korean for chicken. In other words...Chicken Galbi)

Dak Galbi is a popular menu for eating out with friends and family.

I actually have an amazing story with Dak Galbi.

4 years ago when I was a freshmen, it was the summer vacation.
My buddies suggested
"You guys wanna go to the beach?"

We all agreed to go a few days later to SokCho Beach.

Sokcho is a beach about 3 hours away from Seoul.

In summer, there's a bunch of people and sea food in season. You must come visit.

Sokcho Tour

Anyways, we all had a good time at the beach and we were on our way back home.
In the highway, the road sign said 'Chuncheon 3km.'

"Chuncheon? The Dak Galbi place? Let's go!"

We actually never been to chun cheon. All we knew was that it was famous for Dak Galbi.
On our way to Chuncheon, we got lost and finally arrived in the middle of the night.

We were starving to death.
 As soon as the plates came out, we were rushing to eat the Dak Galbi.
We never forget the meal in Chuncheon.

Would you guys like to try the Dak Galbi that I can never forget?

‧Boneless Chicken 1lb

‧cabbage 70g
‧sweet potato 1/2
‧onion 1/2
‧Green onion 1/3
‧red,green peppen 1
‧carrot 1/3
‧olive oil 1TS


‧Hot pepper flakes  2TS

‧Korean hot chilli paste  1TS
‧soy sauce 1TS
‧mashed onion juice 2TS
‧galric 1/2ts
‧sugar 1TS
‧white wine 1TS
‧pinch of black pepper


1. Put all seasonings in a bowl and mix them.

2. Cut Boneless chicken into 1 inch squares and mix them with the seasoning, marinade at least for 30min.

3.  Slice vegetable(cabbage, carrot, onion and peppers) and cut sweet potato into 1 inch squares.

4. Parboil  the sweet potato in hot water for 3min.
※ If you can buy the rice cake easily in your local store, It would be nice.
5. Stir the seasoned chicken on medium heat for 5min.

6. Put remaining ingredients(Vegetables, rice cake) into the pan and stir them for 10min. 

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