Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bulgogi / 불고기

Bulgogi / 불고기

‧Thinly sliced beef (Chuck eye roll) 0.6lb
‧onion 1/2
‧pear 1/4
‧green onion 1/4

‧soy sauce 1.5TS
‧sugar 1/2TS
‧garlic 1TS
‧wine 2TS
‧Dried Anchovy-kelp bouillon 1/2cup
   (or water)
‧pinch of black pepper powder
‧sesame oil 1/2ts



1. Remove the beef blood with kitchen towel.

2. Blend pear until smooth and slice onion and green onion into thinly.

3. put seasonings and blended pear in a bowl and mix them.

 4. soak the beef and sliced vegetables in the beef marinade for 1 hour.

5. stir the bulgogi on medium heat and add bouillon(or water)1/2 cup. 

6. cook until bouillon reduces to about 5 tablespoons.