Saturday, September 4, 2010

Easy way for simmering 'soy bean sprouts'

Easy way for simmering 'soy bean sprouts'
reduces the cooking time.

Soy bean sprouts is used in so many kind of korean foods. ex) Bibimbap, seasoned soy bean sprouts / kongnanum muchim, japchae, ect)
progress of simmering 'soy bean sprouts' is so simple, but Actually cooking time
is not simple, right! too long~~~~~~~~~ about 20min :(

Here is a easy way for simmering 'soy bean sprouts' with microwave.

※ Do not open the cover.
Unless you, unpleasant odor of its own would be added, when It is being cooked,

1. Place rinced bean sprouts and salt in a microwave safe dish or wrap covered dish with and cook oin high power for 4min.

2. Cool down and mix them with seasoning.

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