Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seasoned soybean sprout / kongnamul muchim(콩나물무침)

Seasoned soybean sprout / kongnamul muchi


‧Soybean sprouts 4cups (0.4lb)
‧Salt 1ts


‧Pinch of sesame seed
‧Sesame oil 1/2ts
‧Soy bean sauce 1/3ts
‧Minced garlic 1/2ts
‧Minced green onion 1/2ts

1. Rinse the soybean sprouts and remove bad parts.

2. Put them and salt in a pot and fill it with water as a quarter height of bean sprouts.

※ Do not open the cover.

Unless you, unpleasant odor of its own would be added, when It is being cooked,

3. Simmer on medium heat the bean sprouts for 5min and cool down.

4. Mix them with seasoning.

Hot Version
Just put red chilli powder 1ts. :)

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