Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Chuseok in Korea

My cousin made these guys, Oh! there are squids that I couldn't eat.

Chuseok is holiday like chrismas. Many Korean people eat
Song-Pyeon in Chuseok.
Song-Pyeon is Ddeok(rice cake). there are sugar and bean,
sesame in Song-Pyeon. It is delicious.
It is said that woman who makes Song-pyeon well gets beautiful or handsome baby

It is called 'Jesa'. It is memorial ceremony. Korean serve foods for their passed
parents and family.

 This is my younger brother. And there are many red pepper in the vinyle.

 It was a rough road until last chuseok, but this year It was paved well

When I was going to my grandfather's grave....
there are many firewood at the left side.

 This room is not used this day but my mom lived here 30 years ago, when she was student.
 There are many coal briquet at the left side. My grandmather used this things on? the winter.

This is jar. It is called Hang- a-ri.
There are a lot of Deonjang(soybean paste) and Gochujang(red pepper paste) in that jar.

This is furnace. Korean people cooked rice, soup with this thing.
After making rice there are crust of overcooked rice at the bottom of furnace. It is called nurungji.
Pour water in funace(which is used when making rice) and boil.
It is sungnyung(scorched- rice water)
People eat sungnyung after meal.

 I found this photo in that album.
 The kid who wear suspenders is me.
 I don't remember.

There is my cousin's life in grandmather's album.

It is bathroom. 2 years ago, I used this bathroom.
It was very very scary experience.
So when I was young, I didn't use that bathroom. I peed on the yard