Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kourmet's Chuseok


Tomorrow(September 22) is Chuseok which is one of the most important two holidays to korean.
(August 15 on the lunar calendar)

The other holiday is Seollal (Korean New Year's Day)

Origin of Chuseok in Korea, like Thanksgiving Day in America, is a time for families to get together and giving thanks for the harvest.
When Koreans go to their hometown, They make some foods for the memorial service table and visit their ancestors' graves.
Because they(we) move all at once, This situation is called the 'War of  going home' or  'En-masse migration'.

'En-masse migration'

My grandparents are living in seoul. fortunately I don't neet to participate in the  'En-masse migration' . but other members had to do. (To Mokpo, Seosan)
Today,Chuseok's eve, I made some Chuseok foods for 7 hours...pant-pant ;;;;

This called 'Dongran-ddeang' is a kind of a mini hamburg-steak. It is made of chopped pork, tofu and chopped vegetables.

And, in addition, I made Seasame leat-jeon , Mushroom-jeon, Pollack-jeon.
All foods are going to put on the memorial service table with other foods like Japchae, Namul and so on.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to take some picture about my family's life on Chuseok.


chucky said...

I love your blog im a crazy about Korea

Anonymous said...

mini burger mix with tofu....hhmm..interesting...I will have to try this..