Wednesday, September 1, 2010

korean stired potato / Gamjachae bokkeum(감자채볶음)

korean stired potato / Gamjachae bokkeum 
(감자채 볶음)


‧Potato 2 (o.6lb)
‧Onion 1/2
‧Carrot 1/4
‧Olive oil 2TS
‧Pinch of salt and black pepper powder



1. Slice the potatoes, onion and carrot into 2~2.5inch(very thin julienne)

2. Soak the potatoes in a big bowl for 20min to remove starch.

3. Stir on low heat sliced potatoes and carrot for 3min and add the onion.

4. Put salt and pepper powder in the pan.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recipe. Will be cooking this tonight!