Monday, September 20, 2010

Kimbap, Kimbab, Gimbap / 김밥

Kimbap / 김밥

Laver paper (3 sheets)
‧Cooked rice 600g (1.4 lb)
‧Sliced ham or sausage
Seasoned spanich
‧2 eggs
‧Carrot 1/4
‧Summer : cucumber 1/2
   (winter : spinach 50g)
‧olive oil 1TS

‧Pinch of salt
‧Pinch of sesame seed
‧A few drops of sesame oil



※ we used instant steamed rices, because we could not use rice cooker in our school kitchen. you can also use the rice for convenience instead of do it yourself.
As soon as possible we will provide recipe for cooked rice for kimbap because Cooked rice for kimbap is slightly different from common steamed rice

Tip :  In summer, spinach goes bad easily. so you can replace it to cucumber.

If you can buy 'Imitation crab meat', It would be also great filling.


1. Marinate the steamed rice with seasoning (pinch of salt, a few drops of sesame oil) and keep warmth of it before you make kimbap.

2.  Put some oil in the pan and put the egg mixture(4 eggs + salt) until It cover thinly the whole the bottom.

3.  Cool down the fried-egg and cut it into 0.5inch.

4. Cut cucumber into 1/16(thinly) and remove seeds.
To remove moisture, sprinkle a pinch of salt over the cucumber for 10min.
and drain it  thoroughly with clean towel.

5.  Slice carrot into very thin julienne and stir it with a pinch of salt in a pan.

6. Fry ham(or sausage) on low heat for 5min.

7. Rinse yellow pickled radishes and drain them.

Rolling up !

1. Lay a laver sheet on bamboo mat and spread the seasoned rice(about 4lb) on two thirds of sheet. 

2. place a cucumber, pickled radish, ham, fried-egg and some carrot

3. roll up the layer of kimbap from end to end

Tuna filling for tuna kimbap

‧A can of tuna

‧mayonnaise 1TS

‧pinch of salt / black pepper powder

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