Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dried Anchovy-kelp bouillon

Dried Anchovy-kelp bouillon

Dried Anchovy-kelp bouillon stock is the base of all Korean dish stocks.

When these babies are boiled in water separately, it kind of leaves a fishy taste in the stock.

But when both ingredients are met and boiled in water together, it makes a surprisingly flavorful taste and

the taste and scent is not too deep, therefore not stealing the main dishs taste. So its generally used to

support dishes like BulgogiTopokki and Galbi become more tasty.

If the dried anchovies are hard to find in your local stores, you can also use dried bonito for a similar stock. Tastes almost the same!  

How to make 'Dried anchovy-kelp bouillon'?

‧Dried anchovy 2inch 1/2cup

‧Dried kelp 6 square inch
‧Water 0.2gal (750ml)

Dried Anchovy

Dried kelp
1. Take the guts out of the 2in sized dried anchovies and clean the kelp bouillon in water.
※If you don’t separate the guts, it can make a bitter taste in the stock

2. Boil in water for 30min. until it’s opaque.