Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stired dried shredded squid / ojingeochae bokkeum(오징어채볶음)

Fried dried shredded squid / ojingeochae bokkeum(오징어채볶음)


‧Dried shredded squid 2cup


‧Hot pepper paste 2TS
‧Red Hot pepper powder 1TS
‧Soy sauce 1TS
‧Sugar 1TS
‧Wine 2TS
‧Minced garlic 1ts
‧Sesame oil 1/2ts
Pinch of sesame seeds



1. Rinse dried shredded squid with water and Soak in a big bowal for 20min.

2. Cut it down to 2~3inch size.

3. Stir on low heat all ingrdients of seasoning for 5min.

4. Add the shredded squid and stir them with some oil.


La Mambalina said...

Good food!!

La Mam ( Spain )

Torviewtoronto said...

love squid delicious

Indonesia Eats said...

Ojinguh bokkeum is one of my fave. I bet I will love ojingeochae bokkeum

kourmet said...

Thank you to visit my blog ^^
I lvoe it so much(ojingeochae bokkeum).
When I don’t have much of an appetite, ojingeochae bokkeum is an easy and tasty treat :)