Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ojingeo-bokkeum / Stir-fried squid(오징어볶음)

Ojingeo-bokkeum / Stir-fried squid


‧1 large squid (about 0.5lb)
1/2 onion
‧Sliced green onion 2TS
2 green chilli


‧Korean hot chilli paste 2TS (substitution : Chinese chilli sauce)
‧Hot pepper flakes 1ts
‧Sesame oil 1/2ts
‧white wine 1TS
‧sugar 1TS
‧Minced galric 1ts
pinch of salt and sesame seed

Way for Preparing squid

1. Marinate the prepared squid for 20 min.

2. Slice onion, green onion and green cilli into 1/3 inch width pieces.

3. mix the vegetables and the squid in bowl.


4. Put some oil in the pan and put the squid and vegetables. Stir it over medium heat for 5-8min.


This recipe was provided by ‘Cute Carol’ :)

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