Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gyeran malyee / Egg Roll (계란말이)

Gyeran malyee / Egg Roll (계란말이)


4 Eggs
Water 4TS
Onion 1/2
Carrot 1/3
Geen onion 1TS
Salt 1ts
Olive oil 3TS

※ Use flying-pan about 10-12 inch in width


1. Put eggs in the bowl, mix them with water and salt and put the mixture through a strainer and remove foam.

2. Cut vegetable into 1/2inch squares and mix it with the egg mixture.

3. Put some oil in the pan and put the egg mixture until It cover thinly the whole the bottom.

4. Fold one side to the other side in 2 inch, when the center of the eggmixture rise.

    Tip : It means that the bottom is well done.

5. Put the remaining mixture and repeat step 4

serve it with rice :)

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