Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gye-ran jjim(계란찜)

Gye-ran jjim(계란찜)


‧2 eggs
‧Kelp broth(or water) 100ml
‧Milk 50ml
‧Soy sause 1/2 TS
‧Salt 1/2 ts
‧Sesame oil 1/2 ts


1. remove chalaza(알끈) and mix it with water, milk, salt and soy sauce, sesame oil.  

2. put the mixture through a strainer and remove foam.

3. cut vegetable into 1/2inch squares and mix it with the egg mixture.

4. lower the heat to let water of pot simmer. (1inch height)

5. put bowl which contained egg mixture into pot and stir on low heat for 15min.
  (Tip : Egg mixture will have smooth surface, when bowl is covered with foil or plastic wrap.)


serve it with rice

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